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Online Education for Retailers

NOW® Product-ology is an online training resource for NOW Retailers that will help educate your staff about a variety of nutritional ingredients and how to sell them utilizing industry guidelines for approved health claims. Complete with helpful test questions and completion certificates, our courses are designed to create Experts in the Aisle.

Here's what you'll find within the Product-ology training program:

  • NEW! Course #DS-0201 - Supplement Quality, Safety & Regulation
    • Format: Consists of five, 60 to 90 minute tracks that include video, audio webinars and reading assignments. Each track is set up to go at your own pace, so students do not need to complete a track in one sitting. Students are welcome to take one, or all five tracks.
    • Focus: A comprehensive look into the dietary supplement industry, from the foundation of industry regulation to testing and safety, understanding structure/function claims and honing label reading skills.
  • The Real Story Emerges
    • Format: A newly released E-book by the late Marcia Zimmerman, available for online reading, printing (in whole or in part), or as a complement to the course listed above.
    • Focus: Provides the foundation for the above-noted course.
  • Short Courses for Quick Learning
    • Format: 3 to 5 minute video courses with 10-question tests
    • Focus: Covers a variety of dietary nutrient categories like antioxidants, nutritional oils, probiotics, major minerals, natural sweeteners and more.
  • Knowledge for Healthy Living
    • Format: 60-minute courses that include 25-question tests
    • Focus: Course titles include Multiple Vitamins - Bridging the Gap, Amino Acids - Not Just for Bodybuilders, Cognitive Health - Nourishing the Brain, and many more.
  • NOW® Supplements
    • Format: 20-minute courses that include 20-question tests
    • Focus: After a short introduction to a specific category of nutrients, students will learn how to identify structure/function claims on a variety of NOW® products for in-the-aisle savvy.
  • Brain Builders
    • Format: Crossword puzzles and other games provide a unique educational experience for online play or printable versions for staff meetings.
    • Focus: Games are created from content within the program.

NOW® Product-ology is a great way to equip your staff with the knowledge they need to be a valuable resource to both your business and your customers. Create or login to your retailer account above and start training your staff today!

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