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NOW® Product-ology Online Education for Retailers

NOW® Product-ology is our online training program designed exclusively for NOW Retailers. It offers practical information about a variety of nutritional ingredients as they relate to wellness and prevention. Go to the RETAILERS LOGIN box above to create your account and start learning today!

NEW this Fall!

Course #DS-0201 (Opens Fall 2015)
Supplement Quality, Safety and Regulation

An empowering online training course that will expand your knowledge about:

  • How dietary supplements are regulated
  • How vitamins work synergistically
  • How to verify a product’s quality
  • How to read a product label accurately

This course begins with the history of dietary supplement regulation (DSHEA) and how this law has afforded us the freedom to choose dietary supplements and enjoy the benefits they provide. It also offers easy-to-understand explanations of cGMP’s (current Good Manufacturing Practices) as well as need-to-know information about the testing of dietary supplements for purity, potency and safety.

After completing this course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to educate your customers about the regulation of dietary supplements. And together, we’ll learn to defend against the media coverage that dietary supplements are risky and unregulated.

This course is based on the new E-book, The Real Story Emerges, by industry expert Marcia Zimmerman, CN, with Foreword by Loren D. Israelsen, J.D., President and Founder of the United Natural Products Alliance.

Go to the RETAILERS LOGIN box above to create your account and start learning today!